Colonial Triad League

The Colonial Triad League is dedicated to the sport known as Triad. Triad became a reality when a small group of Battlestar Galactica fans came together and decided to turn it into a real life sport. The Colonial Triad League website is here for the betterment of that sport and its fans and players. We welcome new people to come and play and we encourage people to use the information here to start playing Triad in your area.

What is Triad

Triad is a ball sport adapted from the popular Sci-Fi show ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and is a cross between European Handball, netball and basketball. The game is played with 2 teams of 3, on a 12m equilateral triangular court, with the objective being to “Load” points (by bouncing a ball off boards surrounding the court) before shooting the ball through the goal at the other end of the court to redeem those points. Players can only take one step when in possession of the ball, so they must either utilise the boards around them, or throw the ball to their team mates in order to move up the court towards the goal area.

Who can play Triad

One of the best things about Triad is that anyone can play. The Colonial Triad League welcomes people of all ages, sizes, genders, shapes, colours, and fitness levels. There are even 2 leagues to suit different levels of play: The Recreational (or Rec) League is for newcomers or people who just want to play for fun, whereas the Squad League is for more experienced players with a competitive edge.

What is on the site

For information on upcomming events, such as game days and demonstrations, check out the Facebook Page.

News and announcements can be found on our Home Page.

The rules of Triad are available on our Rules Page.

For discussions about Triad, to ask questions, or just to introduce yourself to us, check out the Forums .

We also have many other pages with Videos, Photos, and a great deal of information about the Colonial Triad League.