The following section details many of the terms used around our website.


Triad is played on a 12m sided triangular court. This court is surrounded by a 4m tall safety netting supported by aluminium poles mounted on the playing boards. This entire setup is referred to as the Arena.

Game Day

Roughly every 2 weeks Triad is played at either New farm Park, Brisbane or an alternate site. Games start at noon and go till 5pm.


Ideally there are 4 referees in the Arena monitoring a game. Though, even a single referee can monitor a game if need be.

The Head Referee

It is the Head Referees role to monitor all referees on and off the court and their application of the rules.

Squad League

A competitive league, where rules are enforced to the letter, multiple rounds make up the season with a final series and trophy presented to the winning team.


Each team is referred to as a squad, thus Squad League.

Rec League

A recreational league, where the rules are applied with some flexibility and where fun is the goal. The Rec League is for casual players, for instructing new players and forming new teams. Squad League players will be found in the Rec League helping teach the finer points of Triad as well as playing with other Squad League players that in the Squad League would normally be their foe.

Committee meetings

The Colonial Triad League is managed by a committee formed of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Promotions Officer, Statistics and Game Records Officer, Equipment Officer, Head Referee, Players Representative, Players Liaison and Referees Liaison.

Players Liaison

The Players Liaison is the voice of the players if any concerns need to be raised that can’t be resolved within a Squad. The current Players Liaison is Rachael Battle. Players may contact Rachael with any concerns by emailing playersliaison@triadleague.com

Referees Liaison

The Referees Liaison is the voice of any referee if any concerns need to be raised that can’t be resolved within the referees. The current Referees Liaison is Chris Holloway. Referees may contact Chris with any concerns by emailing refereesliaison@triadleague.com